International Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing (IJEM)

IJEM Vol. 4, No. 3, Dec. 2014

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Comparative Analysis of Various SRAM Cells with Low Power, High Read Stability and Low Area

By Abhishek Agal Pardeep Bal Krishan

DOI:, Pub. Date: 18 Dec. 2014

SRAMs are very important part of today's movable devices like laptops and mobile phones. Different SRAM cells of different number of transistors have their own respective advantages and drawbacks. In this work an attempt has been made to reduce the leakage power by adding some transistors. Each SRAM cell provides an efficient way to reduce the leakage power, but disadvantage of each SRAM cell limit the application of them.
In this paper, the study and transient analysis on four different SRAM cells has been carried out and compared with respect to various parameters like power dissipation, delay and area. The simulation is carried out in 180nm CMOS technology using tanner tools. Layout is carried out using microwind.

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Simulation Studies of Silica and High K Oxide Contained MOS Circuits (45nm, 32nm and 22nm) for Power Dissipation Reduction

By K.Bikshalu V.S.K. Reddy M.V. Manasa K. Venkateswara Rao

DOI:, Pub. Date: 18 Dec. 2014

Advances in semiconductor technology lead to the advancements in integrated circuits which have enhanced performance, reliability, cost effective, low power consumption, etc. To build a complex digital circuitry, millions of transistors are to be embedded onto a single chip to increase the performance and to improve the reliability of the electronic device. This paper aims at building of N-MOSFET, P-MOSFET, CMOS inverter and NAND gate using conventional SiO2 oxide layer and high k oxide layer each of 45nm, 32nm and 22nm technologies respectively and to determine the percentage reduction in power dissipation using high k oxide layer in each device. The above mentioned devices are built using an online Predictive Technology Model tool and H-Spice simulation software and the simulated results are compared.

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Comparative Study of Website Sitemap Feature as Design Issue in Various Websites

By Jatinder Manhas

DOI:, Pub. Date: 18 Dec. 2014

Websites are very important for communicating organizational aims and goals in this current era of information technology. Different institutions / organizations put lots of efforts to portray complete information on beautifully designed websites. Lot of efforts are required by the designer / concerned organization to design websites according to the different website design standards to provide users with all the facilities of the concerned institutions / organizations online, which act as an online agent through which a user can get his work done without physically visiting the organizations. With this the responsibility of the designer and the concerned institutions / organizations increases manifold so that the websites behavior should remain interactive and quick enough for the user to avail provided facilities of the website comfortably. Sitemap provides with a logical overview of the path through which a user can navigate through a website. Without efficient and user-friendly navigation, the user is likely to get confused, lost, or frustrated and leave the site without getting their work done. Sitemap gives users with the graphical representation of Web pages on a Web Site and also present them with a complete alternative method of navigating the site. Author in this paper developed an online tool using .NET Framework using C# to study webpage sitemap feature as Design issue in various categories of the websites like Government, Commercial, Educational, Social networking and Job portals. The automated tool developed by author function on the basis of the different standards prescribed in W3C WCAG 1.0 guidelines in priority 2 checkpoints 13.3 [5] . the developed tool act like a parser and renders the complete code of the website and produces results by determining the presence of the sitemap facility within the websites for easy content retrieval. The results produced shows that out of the five different categories of websites employed for analysis the commercial websites undertaken follow the maximum standards as far as sitemap parameter is concerned.

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