Marya Butt

Work place: Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands



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Butt is a PhD researcher in the Utrecht school of governance, the netherlands. Earlier to that she obtained her Masters degree in governance and organizational sciences with distinction and did Bechalors in software engineering.

During her research she has devised a framework to evaluate e-governance and as a part of it she has written eight research papers and three of them are accepted and two are published in peer-reviewed journals while rest are in development phases.

Author Articles
A Pragmatic Approach for E-governance Evaluation Built over Two Streams (of Literature)

By Marya Butt

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jul. 2015

The paper presents a pragmatic approach for e-governance evaluation by constructing a methodology built over two streams of literature i.e. e-governance and evaluation. In the available literature, e-governance evaluation approaches are mostly discussed from only e-governance perspective. The paper will investigate the use of exploiting both streams of literature in designing the e-governance evaluation. The fundamentals concepts from both streams of literature mutually contribute to build an e-governance evaluation framework e.g. e-government development models, e-governance dimensions, delivery models and e-governance evaluation modes are extracted from e-governance streams while evaluation processes and evaluation methods and techniques are adopted from the evaluation stream. The paper presents an e-governance evaluation process spanning five phases (pre-evaluation development, manipulation, action, and outcome utilization).The use of the evaluation literature in e-governance evaluation framework enable the approach result-oriented and pragmatic i.e. outcome utilization phase that is added in the e-governance evaluation process ensures that the evaluation outcomes trigger learning process in the government body and are not dispensed for merely benchmarking.

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