MECS is an independent publisher of peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. It is currently publishing 10 peer-reviewed and open-access scientific journals. We are currently looking for candidates as technical editors around the world.

Position - Technical Editors

Roles and responsibilities

Technical editors review written material and revise it for clarity, grammar, style and content. Their duties can mainly include:

Copy editing: Technical editors copy edit all materials by reviewing style and formatting.

Proofreading: Editors proofread documents for correct grammar and spelling. They may make suggestions to writers and complete the final review before publication.

Managing publication schedules: Technical editors can supervise the publication process. This involves creating a publication calendar, delegating tasks and ensuring timely production.

Publishing documents: Technical editors may also handle the technical aspects of publishing, including formatting and uploading to the correct software platforms.

Revising for a target audience: Technical editors review documents and help them reach an intended audience.

Required Qualifications

A PhD degree is required.
Proficient command of English in reading and writing.
Major in computer science and other related fields.
Previous experience in scientific paper writing or reviewing is desirable.
Ability to work independently.


If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to