Mohammad Javad Rafaati

Work place: Industrial Electrical and Electronic Engineering SanatkadeheSabze Pasargad. CO (S.S.P. Co), NO:16 , PO.Code 71347-66773, Fourth floor , Dena Apr , Seven Tir Ave , Shiraz , Iran



Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Process Control System


Mohammad Javad Rafaati is an electronic researcher of research and development company SSP. Co. His main areas of research interests are nonlinear control, artificial control system and robotics.

Author Articles
A Design High Impact Lyapunov Fuzzy PD-Plus-Gravity Controller with Application to Rigid Manipulator

By Farzin Piltan Mohammad Javad Rafaati Fatima Khazaeni Ali Hosainpour Samira Soltani

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 May 2013

The control problem for manipulators is to determine the joint inputs required to case the end-effector execute the commanded motion. The nonminimum phase characteristic of a rigid manipulator makes the design of stable controller that ensure stringent tracking requirements a highly nontrivial and challenging problem. A useful controller in the computed torque family is the PD-plus-gravity controller. Methodology. To compensate the dynamic parameters, fuzzy logic methodology is used and applied parallel to this method. when the arm is at rest, the only nonzero terms in the dynamic is the gravity. Proposed method can cancels the effects of the terms of gravity. In this case inorder to decrease the error and satteling time, higher gain controller is design and applied to nonlinear system.

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