Mst. Yeasmin Ara

Work place: American International University-Bangladesh, Dhaka, 1229, Bangladesh



Research Interests: Software Development Process, Computer systems and computational processes, Data Mining, Data Structures and Algorithms


Mst. Yeasmin Ara has completed her Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) at American International University -Bangladesh (AIUB). She has completed her internship as a Business Analyst at Akij Group department of Information Technology. And currently she is planning for pursuing MSc degree. She is highly interested in IoT, Data Mining as research area and Software Quality and Assurance. She can be contacted at

Author Articles
A Comprehensive Study to Investigate Student Performance in Online Education during Covid-19

By Musaddiq Al Karim Md. Mahadi Masnad Mst. Yeasmin Ara Mostafa Rasel Dip Nandi

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2022

During the recent Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a tremendous increase in online-based learning (e-learning) activities as nearly every educational institution has transferred its programs to digital platforms. This makes it crucial to investigate student performance under this new mode of delivery. This research conducts a comparison among the traditional educational data mining techniques to detect the best performing classifier for analyzing as well as predicting students’ performance in online learning platforms during the pandemic. It is achieved through extracting four datasets from X-University student information system and learning platform, followed by the application of 6 classifiers to the extracted datasets. Random Forest Classifier has demonstrated the highest accuracy in the first two out of the four datasets, while Simple Cart and Naïve Bayes Classifiers presented the same for the remainder two. All the classifiers have demonstrated medium to high TP rates, class precision and recall, ranging from 60% to 100% for almost all of the classes. This study emphasized the attributes that have a direct impact on students’ performance. The outcomes of this study will assist the instructors and educational institutions to identify important factors in the analysis and prediction of student performance for online program delivery.

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