Vinay Sahu

Work place: LNCT, Bhopal



Research Interests: Network Security, Network Architecture


Mr. Vinay Sahu received BE. Degree (Hons) from BU, Bhopal in 2009. He is working in LNCT, Bhopal. Her research interests include Routing Protocol, Mobile Ad-Hoc Network.

Author Articles
Energy Efficient Multipath Routing in Zone-based Mobile Ad-hoc Networks: Mathematical Formulation

By Vinay Sahu Rani Sahu

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Aug. 2022

A wireless mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a dynamic network that can be built without the need for any central governance system and pre-existing infrastructure, in which each node can act as a router. During the transmission of information in any network, energy consumption is an important factor for the efficiency and lifetime of the network. A reduction in energy consumption is achieved by detecting the energy consumption at the node at each stage of transmission.

The main objective of this paper is to formulate mathematical models of energy consumption. A mathematical model of the energy consumption of a network is to be built on the basis of available nodes and links to formulate mathematical models related to energy. When constructing this mathematical model for the challenge related to mobility and low connectivity due to limited battery power in the network, the failure of the links present in the network and the estimated energy consumption are taken into account. Due to the greater mobility of this type of network, nodes rapidly change their positions, causing nodes to drain the battery very quickly, thus reducing network performance. So we need a mathematical model which helps in developing a mathematical model after developing a conceptual model. Which helps in predicting the quantitative behavior of a system. Weaknesses and strengths of a model can be identified from the quantitative results of a mathematical model.

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