Evgeniy Cheropkin

Work place: Department of Chemical Production Automation, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kyiv, Ukraine

E-mail: e.cheropkin@kpi.ua


Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Computational Learning Theory, Database Management System, Process Control System, Analysis of Algorithms, Mathematics of Computing


Evgeniy S. Cheropkin is working as Assistant of the Automation of chemical production department at National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. His research interest includes automatic control system, technology of artificial intelligence, and machine learning, using web technology for creation of automatic control systems. Author 34 research papers in reputed journals and conferences.

Author Articles
Formation of Optimum Temperature Graph of Paper Web Warming

By Anatoliy Zhuchenko Evgeniy Cheropkin Liudmyla Osipa Su Jun

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijisa.2018.11.03, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2018

To date, the requirements for the quality of paper products are increasing. At the same time, the most common trend in recent years is improving the resource and energy conservation of all technological processes. From the point of view of specialists in the field of paper industry in technological process of production on a paper machine, the greatest attention must be paid to the drying of a paper web. This process is the most expensive and decisive for a large number of quality parameters of finished products. In order to satisfy these requirements, it is necessary to implement a system of optimal control for this technological process.
The first and one of the most important parts of the development of such system is the formation of a criterion for the optimal control and calculation of the optimal mode of operation of the first stage of drying - the heating of a paper web. For this purpose, the problem of calculating the optimal temperature graph of heating the paper web in the drying section of a paper machine is considered. Proposed quality control criterion ensures the maintenance of the parameters of finished products within the limits defined by the standard. Established limitations on the dynamics of temperature change on each drying cylinder and the final values.
The calculation of the optimal temperature schedule is made by taking into account the characteristics of the material, the changes in the parameters of heat and mass transfer, which are functional dependences on the temperature of the paper web. The formulas for calculating the temperature of the paper at the exit from each drying cylinder and the free movement sections are based on the data on partial pressure on the surface of the paper web and in the environment.
Results of the work are presented in the form of a step-by-step algorithm. Implementation of the developed algorithm ensures uniform heating of the paper web and reaches the optimum temperature for effective removal of moisture.

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