Work place: Management School of Jinan University, Guang Zhou, China

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Research Interests: Business, Economics


Hong ZHOU born in GuiZhou province of China, December 3, 1973. He received the MS degree in management science and engineering from the Wuhan University of Technology, china in 2000, and the PhD degrees in management science and engineering from the Huazhong University of Technology, china in 2003. He joined the Jinan University at Guangzhou in 2003 and is now an associate professor at Marketing Department of Management School. His research interests are in business intelligence, modern distribution and modern market economy. Recent year, he has published more than ten relating dissertations in domestic and foreign academic journals.

Author Articles
Research on Marketing Cooperation System Based on Multi-Agent Services Aggregation Driven by Requirement

By Hong ZHOU Yanran XIE Chengtong YANG

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijmecs.2010.01.08, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2010

The web service has great significance and value since it represents a large industrial sector and huge trade interests, but the function of a single web service is too small to satisfy the need of service requestor, so it is necessary to combine a mount of simple services to satisfy the complex and dynamic requirement in practice, then the problem of web services composition is one of the research hotspot. This paper generalized the primary interaction processes between enterprise and customer in marketing, encapsulated the special function for marketing works as the agent, and considered the marketing as the cooperation process of agents focusing on requirements, and based on that a multi-agent based marketing cooperation system (MAMCS) is established and the agent ontology is designed according to JADE, finally the negotiation mechanism is built. The method of multi-agent services aggregation driven by requirement supposed in this paper can improve the utilizing effect of service, reduce the difficulty of services composition, and realize the automatic purpose of services composition. Moreover, by combining the merits of agent technique the initiation and intelligence of the services are improved, that safeguard the best interests of the service providers due to they have an option on requirements.

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