Anand Gupta

Work place: Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India



Research Interests: Computer systems and computational processes, Systems Architecture, Image Processing, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Data Structures and Algorithms


Anand Gupta (Ph.D. Delhi University) is working as an Associate Professor in the Division of Computer Engineering, at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi. His research interests include Data Mining, Database Systems, Image Processing, and Information Retrieval.

Author Articles
Entailment and Spectral Clustering based Single and Multiple Document Summarization

By Anand Gupta Manpreet Kaur Ahsaas Bajaj Ansh Khanna

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Apr. 2019

Text connectedness is an important feature for content selection in text summarization methods. Recently, Textual Entailment (TE) has been successfully employed to measure sentence connectedness in order to determine sentence salience in single document text summarization. In literature, Analog Textual Entailment and Spectral Clustering (ATESC) is one such method which has used TE to compute inter-sentence connectedness scores. These scores are used to compute salience of sentences and are further utilized by Spectral Clustering algorithm to create segments of sentences. Finally, the most salient sentences are extracted from the most salient segments for inclusion in the final summary. The method has shown good performance earlier. But the authors observe that TE has never been employed for the task of multi-document summarization. Therefore, this paper has proposed ATESC based new methods for the same task. The experiments conducted on DUC 2003 and 2004 datasets reveal that the notion of Textual Entailment along with Spectral Clustering algorithm proves to be an effective duo for redundancy removal and generating informative summaries in multi-document summarization. Moreover, the proposed methods have exhibited faster execution times.

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Mining Maximal Quasi Regular Patterns in Weighted Dynamic Networks

By Hardeo Kumar Thakur Anand Gupta Bhavuk Jain Ambika

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Apr. 2017

Interactions appearing regularly in a network may be disturbed due to the presence of noise or random occurrence of events at some timestamps. Ignoring them may devoid us from having better understanding of the networks under consideration. Therefore, to solve this problem, researchers have attempted to find quasi/quasi-regular patterns in non-weighted dynamic networks. To the best of our knowledge, no work has been reported in mining such patterns in weighted dynamic networks. So, in this paper we present a novel method which mines maximal quasi regular patterns on structure (MQRPS) and maximal quasi regular patterns on weight (MQRPW) in weighted dynamic networks. Also, we have provided a relationship between MQRPW and MQRPS which facilitates in the running of the proposed method only once, even when both are required and thus leading to reduction in computation time. Further, the analysis of the patterns so obtained is done to gain a better insight into their nature using four parameters, viz. modularity, cliques, most commonly used centrality measures and intersection. Experiments on Enron-email and a synthetic dataset show that the proposed method with relationship and analysis is potentially useful to extract previously unknown vital information.

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