Deepak Kumar

Work place: Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad



Research Interests: Electronic Engineering, Automation and Control


Deepak Kumar is electronics engineer and work as assistant manager in Jamshoro power company limited. The author has research interest in utilization of waste ash in the different useful products. He has also interest to do research in the field of instrumentation and control.

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Quality Analysis of Ash from Lignite Coal and its Utilization at Thar Power Plant

By Deepak Kumar Bharat Lal Mukesh Kumar Shanker Lal Meghwar

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2021

Billion of tonnes lignite coal is deposited under the surface of Tharparkar zone had been started utilizing in its own mine mouth power plant. Tharparkar is rich in coal resource and have the potential to energize the Pakistan for at least 200 year with the deposited coal fuel of 175 Billion of tonnes. Thar coal further divided into 13 blocks; Block II (have 1% of 175 Billion of tonnes of coal has the capability of produce 5000 MW for 50 years) had just set its 2 units which is capable for 2x330 MW with coal consumption of 560 tons/hour. With the time, the increase in thermal power plant will results in increasing problems with the disposal of solid residues from combustion and off gas cleaning (Bottom ash and Fly ash). The properties of as fired coal is analyzed i.e, volatile matter, sulfur and nitrogen contents and solid residues from combustion and off gas cleaning (Bottom & Fly Ash) and it’s found that as fired coal consists of 12% ash which is 5% greater than ash of design coal that is 7% and ranges from 4-12%. Large amount of ash produced by as fired coal reaches the almost upper range of ash in designed coal and yet it’s not utilized or recycled, according to analysis it can be utilized in various forms i.e. CLC block, cements, road construction and agriculture, if it is not recycled in future then it will create bad impact to the environment like environment pollution, health concern to the human and wildlife and contaminant the under-ground water.

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