Meysam Esmaeili

Work place: Research and Development Department, Institute of Advance Science and Technology-IRAN SSP, Shiraz/Iran



Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Process Control System


Meysam Esmaeili is currently working as a co researcher in Control and Robotic Lab at the institute of advance science and technology, IRAN SSP research and development Center. He is a Master in field of Electronic Engineering from Azad University, IRAN. His current research interests are in the area of nonlinear control, artificial control system and robotics, and spherical motor.

Author Articles
Design New Intelligent-Base Chattering Free Nonlinear Control of Spherical Motor

By Mohammad Ali Tayebi Farzin Piltan Mahsa Piltan Mojtaba Yaghoot Meysam Esmaeili

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Sep. 2014

The main four objectives to design controllers are: stability, robust, minimum error and reliability. Linear PID controller is model-free controller and this controller is not reliable. One of the robust nonlinear controller to control of nonlinear systems is sliding mode controller (SMC). Sliding mode controller (SMC) is robust conventional nonlinear controller in a partly uncertain dynamic system’s parameters. Sliding mode controller is divided into two main sub parts: discontinues controller(τ_dis) and equivalent controller(τ_eq). Discontinues controller is used to design suitable tracking performance based on very fast switching. Fast switching or discontinuous part have essential role to achieve to good trajectory following, but it is caused system instability and chattering phenomenon. Chattering phenomenon is one of the main challenges in conventional sliding mode controller and it can causes some important mechanical problems such as saturation and heats the mechanical parts of robot manipulators or drivers. To reduce or eliminate the chattering two methods are used in many researches which these methods are: boundary layer saturation method and artificial intelligence based method. In this research fuzzy switching methodology is used to eliminate the chattering in presence of uncertainty to increase the robust of this controller with application to three dimensions of spherical motor.

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Design Intelligent Robust Model-base Sliding Guidance Controller for Spherical Motor

By Mojtaba Yaghoot Farzin Piltan Meysam Esmaeili Mohammad Ali Tayebi Mahsa Piltan

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Mar. 2014

Stability, robust and reliability are the main objectives to design a controller for highly nonlinear spherical motor. Most of linear and nonlinear controllers are stable, model-base controllers are reliable but in this group sliding mode controller is a robust controller. Therefore in this research sliding mode controller is used to design stable, robust and reliable controller. For intelligence part, the minimum rule base Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Fuzzy hybrid guidance Controller for three dimensions spherical motor is presented in this research. Guidance control in a three dimensions spherical motor is performed by the robust sliding mode controllers producing the control signals which are applied to systems torque. Sliding mode controller has an important problem, namely chattering. In this research, chattering-free sliding mode controller is design as a robust guidance controller to their robust performance in a wide range of operating conditions. In this research the PID-like fuzzy controller can be constructed as a parallel structure of a PD-like fuzzy controller and a PI-like controller to have the minimum rule base. Nonlinear type robust sliding mode controller is used to modify PID fuzzy logic theory to design robust and reliable hybrid guidance methodology. This research is used to reduce or eliminate the fuzzy and conventional sliding mode controller problem based on minimum rule base fuzzy logic theory and modified it by sliding mode method to control of spherical motor system.

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