Manju Khari

Work place: Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, AIACTR, Delhi, India



Research Interests: Software, Software Creation and Management, Software Organization and Properties, Information Security


Prof. Manju Khari is Assistant Professor at the Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technology and Research, under Govt. Of NCT Delhi , affiliated with Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University), India. She is also Professor In-charge of the IT Services of the Institute and has more than twelve years' experience in Network Planning & Management. She holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Patna and received her Master's degree in Information Security from Ambedkar Institute technology of Advanced Communication Technology and Research, Delhi, India. Her research interests are in software testing, software quality, software metrics, information security and nature-inspired algorithms. She has published 60 papers in refereed national and International journals and conferences, and has authored 6 book chapters and co-authored two books. She is a life member of various International and national research societies (SDIWC, IAENG, etc.) She is also Guest Editor of the International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms, reviewer for the International Journal of Forensic Engineering, and Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering.

Author Articles
Internet of Things based system for Smart Kitchen

By Jyotir Moy Chatterjee Raghvendra Kumar Manju Khari Dao Thi Hung Dac-Nhuong Le

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jul. 2018

This paper provides insight to the dynamics that come with the emergence of IoT in the furniture and kitchen manufacturing industry. By implementing the concept of IoT companies are currently evaluating how internal knowledge and skillsets correspond to the new technical requirements that the emerging digital setting outlines and by directing internal research they are learning more about IoT and connected products as they proceed. One current major problem is that there are no open protocols that can connect all products regardless of supplier. Nevertheless, implementation of IoT does not solely involve technical aspects and companies are also faced with the dilemma on how to design and develop corresponding commercial processes. To this point early product implementations have arrived on the consumer markets and the future vision is to achieve full integration that imbeds connectivity and interaction among all products in the home.

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Interconnect Network on Chip Topology in Multi-core Processors: A Comparative Study

By Manju Khari Raghvendra Kumar Dac-Nhuong Le Jyotir Moy Chatterjee

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2017

A variety of technologies in recent years have been developed in designing on-chip networks with the multicore system. In this endeavor, network interfaces mainly differ in the way a network physically connects to a multicore system along with the data path. Semantic substances of communication for a multicore system are transmitted as data packets. Thus, whenever a communication is made from a network, it is first segmented into sub-packets and then into fixed-length bits for flow control digits. To measure required space, energy & latency overheads for the implementation of various interconnection topologies we will be using multi2sim simulator tool that will act as research bed to experiment various tradeoffs between performance and power, and between performance and area requires analysis for further possible optimizations.

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