Akinola S. Olayinka

Work place: Department of Physics, Edo University Iyamho, Edo State, Nigeria

E-mail: akinola.olayinka@edouniversity.edu.ng


Research Interests: Computer systems and computational processes, Theory of Computation, Models of Computation, Quantum Computing Theory


Akinola S. Olayinka is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics at Edo University Iyamho, Nigeria. He holds Ph.D in Physics. His research focus is the application of modern theoretical concepts of materials based on the quantum theory of solids and powerful computational methods to realistic situations. He uses various theoretical and computational tools to address societal needs, such as the development of novel materials for efficient solar application, materials for better energy storage, materials for thermoelectric applications and biomaterials.He has over 25 publications to his credit and is an active reviewer to many Journals.

Author Articles
X-ray Cargo Scanning and Risk Management in Trade Facilitation: Analysis & Model of an Online Imaging and Documentation Management System

By Wilson Nwankwo Akinola S. Olayinka Benjamin Uchenna Benson

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijmecs.2019.05.02, Pub. Date: 8 May 2019

In the last two decades many document management systems have evolved and have been deployed for use in business areas such as marketing, production, sales, shipping, banking, education, etc. The demand for electronic document management system has continued to rise with new application areas discovered from day to day. This paper is the first of a two-part study that dwells on the conceptualization, development and deployment of an online documentation system for trade facilitation applications. This paper demonstrates how an organization can build a cost-effective and efficient electronic document management system using open source like MySQL and PHP. The domain of application stressed in this paper is X-ray Cargo Scanning operations as conducted by Government agencies especially the Customs and Excise or their appointees during imports, exports inspection and cargo clearance at the ports. In this paper, the authors investigated various operations that preceed clearance of shipments at ports in Lagos Nigeria. The role of Cargo scanners, image acquisition and subsequent analysis as well as challenges were buttressed. Following the investigation, analysis and design of a solution were done. This paper presents the results of the analysis as well as the system specifications which are considered vital for the implementation of a realtime integrated solution. The proposed system would provide a platform that enhances productivity in a risk management and scanning service organization especially in managing and exchanging large volumes of scanner-generated documentation across a network as well as with other agencies.

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