Slobodan N. Bjelic

Work place: Faculty of Technical Sciences, Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia



Research Interests: Electrical Engineering


Slobodan N. Bjelić: Full-time professor at Faculty of Technical Sciences University in Pristina with temporarily seat seat in Kosovska Mitrovica. He received his Ph.D. degree in 1982, field of interest: Electrical Engineering-Computer Science-Protective Relays-Electrical Installation and Illumination Engineerings-Electrical Power Converters. He is author and co-author of 10 textbooks and over 200 scientific and professional papers published in international and Serbian journals.

Author Articles
Diagnostics Algorithms for Analysis and Assessment of Steady States and Disorders in Electrical Networks

By Nenad A. Markovic Slobodan N. Bjelic Filip N. Markovic

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Aug. 2022

Method of symmetric component is used in analysis of disturbances (short circuits and disturbances) and can be verified by computer simulation and measurement. It is based on possibility of making calculations simple by separating a three-phase asymmetric system into three symmetric systems and three single-phase schemes. It is very important for three-phase electrical networks with linear parameters and the same frequency in the network. The transition of quantities (ems, voltages and currents ) from the asymmetric domain of a three-phase system to the symmetric domain is performed using transformation matrices. Expressions determined in the system of symmetric components are then superimposed on expressions corresponding to conditions of asymmetric system, and superposition is correct if electric quantities are of simple-periodic functions.
The paper presents a new method based on analysis using symmetric component methods and diagnostic algorithms for the assessment of the most common disturbances in power grids. The adapted part of the MATLAB package,part.mdl was used for method verification, and the obtained results in the form of diagrams and values of diagnostic functions arranged in the form of tables confirm the applicability of the proposed new diagnostic algorithm for analysis and assessment of steady states and disturbances in electrical networks. The proposed diagnostic algorithm enables the realization of the maximum number of diagnostic functions on the basis of which a scheme for diagnosing disorders with classical diode elements or a more modern scheme with microprocessor components can be realized.

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The Influence of Magnetic Hysteresis in Magnetic Circuit Sheets on Transient Processes in Electrical Machines

By Nenad A. Markovic Slobodan N. Bjelic Filip N. Markovic

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2021

The character of transient processes in electrical machines and transformers defines the shape of magnetization curve of the magnetic circuit, i.e. of its sheets. Approximate analytical or numerical methods are used to determine the influence of saturation and hysteresis on transient processes. This paper presents an analytical method for the calculation of transient process in a magnetic circuit with assumed magnetization characteristic, one part of which contains saturation. An operator calculus was used to solve Maxwell's equations that characterize the transient process. The applied method has been verified by the simulation results using the adapted part of psbxfosaturable.mdl of the MATLAB Simulink software package. It is also shown that due to saturation and influence of hysteresis, additional free components appear in the sheets of the magnetic circuit (recognized in obtained values of current, induction and flux). Analysis of the shape of time diagrams of quantities also shows that the time constants of these quantities increase. In the linear part of the magnetization curve, solutions with higher accuracy are obtained, and in the part of saturation in which the accuracy of the method was not in foreground, only a qualitative analysis of the transient process has been achieved. In comparison with other methods, two regimes of transient processes when given are analyzed: magnetic excitation forces and field strengths, and magnetic fluxes and inductions.

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Transient Process at Atmospheric Discharge into the Landline and the Appearance of an Electric Arc in the Switch

By Slobodan N. Bjelic Filip N. Markovic Nenad A. Markovic

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Apr. 2021

This document proposes a model of the process of atmospheric discharge of overhead lines followed by an electric arc. The intensity of atmospheric discharges, followed by electric arc and destruction, is determined by the difference in potential and current. Such a structure and form of discharge make it difficult to analyze the transient process and obtain adequate solutions. That is why the model of the transient process in the electric arc of the switch under the conditions of interruption of the AC circuit is specially analyzed. Simple equivalent schemes for the analysis of phenomena with given values of linear parameters are presented, which are very simple to apply. All influential parameters by which the overvoltage values in the model can be estimated were also taken into account. The evaluation of the proposed model was performed using the adapted MATLAB program psbsurlightcuurent for atmospheric electrical discharge, which contains a high frequency current source. The verified simulation method was used to verify the results as part of a method derived from artificial intelligence algorithms. The process simulation program, the obtained voltage and current diagrams confirm the application of the simulation algorithm model.

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Influence of Metal Pipes in the Environment on Designing the Underground Electrical Installations

By Igor S. Bjelic Filip N. Markovic Nenad A. Markovic Slobodan N. Bjelic

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2020

Underground installations are networks of metal pipes and cables in space at a certain distance from the ground surface. Insulating layers of metal pipes of underground installations (gas, plumbing, electrical...) do not provide their full protection against corrosion and breakdowns. In urban areas, wandering currents (electric rail or earthing of power plants) repeatedly increase failures in underground installations in the environment. That is why a certain kind of protection is foreseen for the protection of metal pipes of underground installations against corrosion and destruction from wandering currents. However, until today there is no universal method for calculating the parameters of stationary and quasi-stationary electric fields of wandering currents and a general solution for arbitrary configuration, but it is possible to form a model algorithm for controlling the state and failures of insulation of underground electrical installations. Solutions for wandering currents could be determined by the criterion of similarity to transient currents on power lines. In the paper, in program MATLAB Simulink a simulation for the correction of wandering currents using foreign grounding has been performed on certain parts of underground installations. It has been shown that the solution of the task is possible with help of the model-algorythm which allows a determinaitn of the power on isolation layer of the cable sheat, and with simulation of the different versions of schedule of protective equipment, their optimal schedule could be determined.


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Application of Cauchy (Lipschitz) Criterion for Obtaining Theoretical Models of Atmosphere Striking Overvoltages

By Slobodan N. Bjelic Nenad A. Markovic Zorica S. Bogicevic Igor S. Bjelic

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Sep. 2019

In investigation of consequences of atmosphere and commutating striking voltages, for simulation of the overvoltage are used the models of generators whose RC circuits have standard passive parameters of the elements upon which the form of striking overvoltage depends.

According to IEC 62 305-1 standard, these formulas in the theoretical model serve for dimensioning the RC circuit of the generator of striking voltages although the definitions of time constants and passive parameters have only axiomatic character. Related to classical solution, this paper presents the model formed by mathematical procedure the solutions of which give sufficiently accurate values of time constants and essential parameters of RC circuit as well as the shape of striking voltage wave. The formulas for voltages and currents in model contain parameters of passive elements, and their accuracy has been confirmed by diagrams obtained in simulation by means of adapted psbtrnsrg.mdl part of MATLAB program. Theoretical model is suitable for simulation of standard wave forms of striking atmospheric and commutating overvoltages which replace laboratory testing.

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Simulation of the Operation of Induction Machines at Frequencies other than 50 Hz

By Jeroslav M. Zivanic Nenad A. Markovic Slobodan N. Bjelic

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jul. 2018

In the paper is proposed an induction machine model that corresponds to operating conditions at the change of frequency. The applicability of simulation method for the analysis of its operation at the frequencies other than 50 Hz was examined. The operation of the induction machine which control parameter is the frequency of controlled current was particularly analyzed. 

The evaluation of the proposed model was performed using the adapted subprogram in the psbdrive MATLAB Simulink package. For the verification of the results, the method of verified simulation was used, as a part of the method which was derived from the artificial intelligence algorithm. It has been confirmed that by controlling the frequencies and current of the induction machine, the ability to work in overloads can be maintained and this type of control has certain advantages in the frequency regulation of the drive with variable loads.

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Transient Processes on the Elements of Underground Installations

By Bojan L. Jovanovic Slobodan N. Bjelic Nenad A. Markovic

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Sep. 2017

Transient processes on the elements of installation with electric conductive material may endanger the environment in urban areas and therefore action must be taken to mitigate possible consequences and protect the environment. Installation layers of lines of underground installation (electrical, gas, water…) that are used for the flow of energy/fluids do not provide a full protection and currents of static discharge discharged into the soil are particularly dangerous. At static discharges conductors receive high potentials and a strong electric field is created around them, which will be greater as the conductivity of the soil is weaker.

If the value of the field is greater than the disruptive voltage of the soil around earth wire (probe) the breakthrough occurs and the majority of soil becomes conductive. Particular problem are components of high frequency currents or voltages. Disorders of frequency in the range of 50 Hz to 5 kHz that can affect the selection of installation parameters, in compliance with all environmental criteria, are simulated by adapted subprogram in the part of the package Sym Power MATLAB.

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Application of Passive CL Filters for Neutralizing of Zero Sequence Currents and Correction of Asymmetries of Phase Voltages in Electrical Networks

By Nenad A. Markovic Slobodan N. Bjelic Jeroslav M. Zivanic

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 May 2017

The stochastic character of asymmetrical loads in power networks emerged due to non-simultaneous activation of phases of various single-phase and poly-phase receivers, nonlinear characteristics of transformers and other reasons have caused the occurrence of currents and voltages of zero sequence. These electrical quantities with currents and voltages of direct sequence in a negative sense affect the asymmetry of phase voltages in networks on places where loads are connected. In this paper, the presented load is induction machine with coil connection in star connected to generic distribution system TN. We analyze the possibilities of simple CL structures of filter in the role of the device for correction of asymmetries to a network, which can be entered by zero sequence current occurred for some reason in induction machine (mostly non-simultaneous switching of phase coils of induction machine).

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Analysis and Estimation of Values of Currents and Voltages at the Disturbances in Induction Machine Using Tested Matlab Simulation

By Nenad A. Markovic Slobodan N. Bjelic Jeroslav M. Zivanic Zorica Bogicevic

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2014

The paper we presents mathematical model for analysis of transitional processes in three-phase induction motor, that is, wave forms of currents and voltages in time domain and phase coordinates. Model is suitable for relay protection of the motor from disturbances and for estimation of electrical energy quality in the distribution network. New constructions of induction motors present more progressive technical solutions comparing with classical variants and reliable entity only within selected system of protection from expected disturbances (failures and disorders followed by asymmetries). Measuring process is not required due to application of simulation in selected MATLAB package.

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