Zahiduddin Ahmed

Work place: Faculty of Computing, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Pahang, Malaysia



Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Computational Learning Theory, Natural Language Processing, Computer Architecture and Organization, Data Mining, Data Structures and Algorithms


Zahiduddin Ahmed is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at University Malaysia Pahang in Machine Learning and working as a Graduate Research Assistant. His research interest includes Artificial Intelligence, Data and Text Mining, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Management. He can be contacted at

Author Articles
Investigation of Facilities for an M-learning Environment

By Mohaimen-Bin-Noor Zahiduddin Ahmed Dip Nandi Mashiour Rahman

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2021

The paper projected to study the field of m-learning focusing on investigating the facilities required to initiate an m-learning environment. Facilities and regular practices of conventional learning and e-learning was considered to find the potential facilities for m-learning environment. We used Integrated Tertiary Educational Supply Chain Model framework that stands on conventional education and illustrates the combined form of education supply chain and research supply chain model. Two surveys were conducted to collect data from students and teachers of higher education. The responses from both of the surveys have been presented and later compared with the findings from our studies of the existing learning environments. The significance of this research is in identifying the facilities for a learner and educator centric m-learning environment.

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