Maryna Kozhokar

Work place: Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Chernivtsi, 58012, Ukraine



Research Interests: Computer Vision, Data Mining, Data Analysis


Maryna Kozhokar: Associate Professor at the Department of Physical culture. PhD in Pedagogical Sciences (2012).
Current position – Docent, Deputy head of the department for educational and methodological and research work.
Research Interests: Data Mining and Analysis, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Physical culture, Biophysics.

Author Articles
Face Mask Recognition by the Viola-Jones Method Using Fuzzy Logic

By Serhiy Balovsyak Oleksandr Derevyanchuk Vasyl Kovalchuk Hanna Kravchenko Maryna Kozhokar

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2024

In the work, the software implementation of the face mask recognition system using the Viola-Jones method and fuzzy logic is performed. The initial images are read from digital video cameras or from graphic files. 
Detection of face, eye and mouth positions in images is performed using appropriate Haar cascades. The confidence of detecting a face and its features is determined based on the set parameters of Haar cascades.
Face recognition in the image is performed based on the results of face and eye detection by means of fuzzy logic using the Mamdani knowledge base. Fuzzy sets are described by triangular membership functions. Face mask recognition is performed based on the results of face recognition and mouth detection by means of fuzzy logic using the Mamdani knowledge base. Comprehensive consideration of the results of different Haar cascades in the detection of face, eyes and mouth allowed to increase the accuracy of recognition face and face mask.
The software implementation of the system was made in Python using the OpenCV, Scikit-Fuzzy libraries and Google Colab cloud platform. The developed recognition system will allow monitoring the presence of people without masks in vehicles, in the premises of educational institutions, shopping centers, etc. In educational institutions, a face mask recognition system can be useful for determining the number of people in the premises and for analyzing their behavior.

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