Aman Agrawal

Work place: Department of Computer Engineering, School of Technology Management and Engineering, NMIMS University, Mumbai, India



Research Interests: Deep Learning, Machine Learning


Aman Agrawal is a hardworking person currently studying at Mukesh Patel School of Management and Engineering, NMIMS University, Mumbai, India. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Engineering (CSE) and a Master of Business Administration degree. During his academic journey, Aman has shown his dedication and proficiency by creating a project in Computer Engineering for his final year. His research focuses on the practical use of machine learning/deep learning, demonstrating his enthusiasm to explore innovative technologies and their potential impact.

Author Articles
Generation of Images from Text Using AI

By Nimesh Yadav Aryan Sinha Mohit Jain Aman Agrawal Sofia Francis

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2024

Reading the words can be confusing, and it may be hard to picture what is happening. There are some circumstances where words can be misunderstood. It's much simpler to recognize text if it's displayed as an image. The use of visuals is proven to increase viewership and retention.
Synthesizing realistic images automatically is a challenging undertaking, and even the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm has trouble meeting this standard. GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) are just one example of a powerful neural network architecture that has shown promising results in recent years. Existing text-to-image methods can generate examples that generally reflect the meaning of the provided descriptions, but they often lack the necessary details and colorful object elements.
The primary objective of our research was to explore diverse architectural methodologies with the intention of facilitating the generation of visual representations from textual descriptions. By delving into this investigation, we aimed to discover and examine various approaches that could effectively support the creation of visuals that accurately depict the content and context provided within written narratives. Our aim was to unlock new possibilities in the realm of visual storytelling by establishing a strong connection between language and imagery through innovative architectural techniques.

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