Shakir A. Mehdiyev

Work place: Institute of Information Technology, Baku, Azerbaijan



Research Interests: Computer Networks


Shakir A. Mehdiyev has over 40 years of experience. He graduated from the Automation and Computer Engineering faculty of Azerbaijan Technical University in 1979. His primary research interests include various areas in e-science, computer networks, and maintenance. He is head of the department at the Institute of Information Technology, Baku, Azerbaijan. He is the author of about 30 scientific papers and 7 patents.


Author Articles
Analysis of Threats and Cybersecurity in the Oil and Gas Sector within the Context of Critical Infrastructure

By Shakir A. Mehdiyev Mammad A. Hashimov

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2024

This article explores the multifaceted challenges inherent in ensuring the cybersecurity of critical infrastructures, i.e., a linchpin of modern society and the economy, spanning pivotal sectors such as energy, transportation, and finance. In the era of accelerating digitalization and escalating dependence on information technology, safeguarding these infrastructures against evolving cyber threats becomes not just crucial but imperative. The examination unfolds by dissecting the vulnerabilities that plague critical infrastructures, probing into the diverse spectrum of threats they confront in the contemporary cybersecurity landscape. Moreover, the article meticulously outlines innovative security strategies designed to fortify these vital systems against malicious intrusions. A distinctive aspect of this work is the nuanced case study presented within the oil and gas sector, strategically chosen to illustrate the vulnerability of critical infrastructures to cyber threats. By examining this sector in detail, the article aims to shed light on industry-specific challenges and potential solutions, thereby enhancing our understanding of cybersecurity dynamics within critical infrastructures. This article contributes a comprehensive analysis of the challenges faced by critical infrastructures in the face of cyber threats, offering contemporary security strategies and leveraging a focused case study to deepen insights into the nuanced vulnerabilities within the oil and gas sector.

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