Ida Maratul Khamidah

Work place: Software Engineering Technology, State Polytechnic Agricultural of Samarinda, 75242, Indonesia



Research Interests: Machine Learning, Information Systems


Ida Maratul Khamidah, S.Kom., M.Cs, who is usually called ida was born on January 13, 1991. The author started her education at SD N Tanjung 02 in 1996-2002. She attended junior high school at SMP N 1 Tanjung in 2002-2005. She attended high school at SMA N 02 Brebes from 2005-2008. She took her first higher education at the "Ungu Campus" Amikom University Yogyakarta Informatics Study Program in 2008-2014. She continued her higher education at the "Blue Campus" Universitas Gadjah Mada, Computer Science Study Program, which began in 2013. She is currently a Lecturer in the Software Engineering Technology Study Program at State Agricultural Polytechnic of Samarinda. As a Lecturer, she is interested in conducting research related to Information Systems, Machine Learning, Text Maining, and Expert Systems.

Author Articles
The Behavior Change of Intelligent Agent Using Finite State Machine in “Save Karang Mumus” Game

By Syafei Karim Ida Maratul Khamidah

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2023

Save Karang Mumus is a learning game about caring for the environment. This game is an educational game that can provide knowledge to players so that players are expected to learn while playing. Save Karang Mumus Game uses a role-playing game genre where players must play a role to complete the mission of the game. Multimedia Development Life Cycle development method is used for the development of this game starting from concept, design to distribution. This research focuses on the behavior of NPCs that change based on certain conditions using the Finite State Machine (FSM) method. NPCs will chase players based on the variable amount of trash collected and Health Points. The game is tested using alpha test and beta test. Based on the results, the game can be played well and get a percentage value of 65.66% of the respondents' test results. An application can be said to be good if it is more than 61% and less than 80%. It can be concluded that Save Karang Mumus Game is successful and worthy to be played.

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