Najiya Salim Khamis Al Mahrizi

Work place: Middle East College, Muscat, 124, Oman



Research Interests: Embedded System


Najiya Salim Khamis Al Mahrizi, Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering is currently a bachelor’s student at Middle East College (MEC), Muscat, Oman. Her research area of interest includes Internet of Things, and Embedded Systems.

Author Articles
A Smart Bag for School Students Safety and Security in Oman

By Najiya Salim Khamis Al Mahrizi Shaik Mazhar Hussain

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2023

The idea behind the paper is to transform the conventional school bag into a smart bag connected to the Internet of Things and aimed at elementary school pupils. Its concept uses GPS to follow the student's location; whenever it detects dangers like gas and smoke around the student, it sends a signal to the user. By lessening the weight on the student with the use of the load sensor, it can also determine the true weight of a bag. It can also be utilized on school buses in case a student is overlooked by notifying the driver of their presence via an LCD on the vehicle that is connected to the gas sensor. The results obtained have shown that the proposed research work successfully developed a prototype that is able to provide security and safety by delivering messages to the user, determining the actual weight of the bag, and tracking the student's location.

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