Serhii Lazarenko

Work place: National Aviation University, Kyiv, 03058, Ukraine



Research Interests: Information Security


Lazarenko Serhii, Doctor of Technical Science, Associate professor, professor Department of information security National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

In 1994 graduated from the Faculty of Wire Communication of the Military Institute of Management and Communication. Served in the Armed forces.

After resignation from the Armed Forces has worked in the field of information security. Has extensive practical experience in the field of information security.

In 2007 got Ph.D. in Civil protection and 2018 got a doctor’s degree in Civil protection.

Areas of interest: information security, civil security. Author of more than 60 scientific publications on information security and civil protection.

Author Articles
Method of Calculating Information Protection from Mutual Influence of Users in Social Networks

By Rimvidas Khrashchevskyi Vitaliy Klobukov Valerii Kozlovskyi Volodymyr Akhramovych Serhii Lazarenko

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2023

Dynamic models of the information security system (DMoISS) in social networks (SN) are studied and the mutual influence between users (MIBU) was taken into account. Also, the stability of the security system (SoSS) was analyzed.
There is a practical interest in studying the behavior of the of SN information security systems (ISS) using parameters of the MIBU. DMoISS in SN in the mathematical sense of this term is considered. A dynamic system is understood as an object or process for which the concept of state is unambiguously defined as a set of certain quantities at a given moment of time and a given law describes the change (evolution) of the initial state over time.
SN is a set of users and connections between them. Individuals, social groups, organizations, cities, countries can be considered as users. Connections are understood not only as MIBU, but also as the exchange of various resources and activities.
Theoretical study of the dynamic behavior of a real object requires the creation of its mathematical model. The procedure of developing the model is to compile mathematical equations based on physical laws. These laws were formulated in the language of differential equations.
As a result of the research it is established the influence of parameters of MIBU on parameters of SN ISS. Phase portraits (PP) of the data protection system in the MatLab/Multisim program are determined, what indicates of the SoSS in the operating range of the parameters even at the maximum value of influences.
This study is useful and important from the point of view of information security in the network, since the parameters of MIBU significantly affect the protection rate (with different values - up to 100%).
The scientific value of the article lies in the fact that for the first time, on the basis of the study of the developed systems of nonlinear differential equations (NDE), it is shown the quantitative relationship between the parameters of the MIBU and the parameters of the SN ISS, as well as the SoSS is shown based on the study of the nonlinear equation of the second degree.

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