Pramiti Tewari

Work place: Department of Computer Science Engineering, Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna-473226, Madhya Pradesh, India



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Pramiti Tewari has done her schooling from Puranchandra Vidyaniketan, Kanpur. Currently, she is pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna, Madhya Pradesh (India). Her interests include Design Technology and Modelling along with a proclivity towards Applied Mathematics and Combinatorics.

Author Articles
Integration based on Monte Carlo Simulation

By Priyanshi Mishra Pramiti Tewari Dhananjay R. Mishra Pankaj Dumka

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Aug. 2023

In this short article an attempt has been made to model Monte Carlo simulation to solve integration problems. The Monte Carlo method employs random sampling and the theory of big numbers to generate values that are very close to the integral's true solution. Python programming has been used to implement the developed algorithm for integration. The developed Python functions are tested with the help of six different integration examples which are difficult to solve analytically. It has been observed that that the Monte Carlo simulation has given results which are in good agreement with the exact analytical results.

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