N. G. Bawane

Work place: S. B. Jain Institute of Technology, Management & Research, Nagpur, 441501, India

E-mail: narendra.bawane@yahoo.com


Research Interests: Embedded System, Image Compression, Image Manipulation, Image Processing, Process Control System, Logic Calculi


Dr N G Bawane is Principal of S. B. Jain Institute of Technology, Management & Research, Nagpur India. He obtained his B.E. degree from Nagpur University, M. Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India and Ph.D. from VNIT, Nagpur, India. His areas of interest are ANN, Fuzzy Logic System, Embedded System, Process Control and Image Processing.

Author Articles
Artificial Neural Network Based Control Strategies for Paddy Drying Process

By Shekhar F. Lilhare N. G. Bawane

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijitcs.2014.11.04, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2014

Paddy drying process depends upon ambient conditions, paddy quality, temperature and mass of hot drying air. Existing techniques of paddy drying process are highly nonlinear. In this paper, a neural network based automated controller for paddy drying is designed. The designed controller manages the steam temperature and blower motor speed to achieve constant paddy drying time. A Layer recurrent neural network is adopted for the controller. Atmospheric conditions such as temperature and humidity along with the size of the paddy are used as input to the network. Experimental results show that the developed controller can be used to control the paddy drying process. Implementation of developed controller will help in controlling the drying time at almost constant value which will definitely improve the quality of rice.

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