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Investigation of Closed Loop Control for Interleaved Boost Converter with Ripple Cancellation Network for Photovoltaic Applications

By Nithya Subramanian R. Srinivasan R.Seyezhai Pridhivi Prasanth R.R. Subhesh

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Aug. 2015

Conventional sources like fossil fuels were used earlier to satisfy the energy demands. Nowadays these are being replaced by renewable sources like photo-voltaic sources. Photo-voltaic is a method of generating electrical power by converting the energy from the sun into direct current with the use of semiconductor devices that exhibit photovoltaic effect. They do not cause environmental pollution and do not require any moving parts. Different types of DC-DC Converters have been proposed in literature but Inter-leaved boost Converter (IBC) is widely used because of its fast dynamic response and high power density. This paper presents an analysis of the voltage mode control strategies employed by Ripple Cancellation Network (RCN) based two phase Interleaved boost Converter (IBC) for photo-voltaic applications. After analyzing the different Boost converter topologies, the results illustrate that IBC is more efficient than conventional boost converter as it reduces the input current ripple, output voltage ripple, component size and improves its transient response. On adding the Ripple Cancellation Network to the conventional IBC, the output voltage and input current ripple are further reduced without increasing the diode current stress. Adopting the closed loop voltage mode control, the ripple components are found to decrease significantly at the output thereby achieving a higher level of efficiency. A comparison is drawn between open and closed loop voltage control ripple component values. Simulations are carried out using MATLAB/SIMULINK software to verify with the theoretical results.

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