Anand Kumar

Work place: HLY Institute of Technology & Management, Lucknow, 226002, India



Research Interests: Interaction Design, Computer systems and computational processes, Computer Architecture and Organization, World Wide Web, Data Structures and Algorithms


Anand Kumar, Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science and Engineering at HLY Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow - 226002 (U.P.) India. His research interest is in Semantic Web and Ontology design. He is approachable at

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Ontology based Knowledge Management for Administrative Processes of University

By Anand Kumar Sanjay k. Dwivedi

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jul. 2015

Knowledge management is a challenging task especially in administrative processes with a typical workflow such as higher educational institutions and Universities. We have proposed a system aSPOCMS (An Agent-based Semantic Web for Paperless Office Content Management System) that aims at providing paperless environment for the typical workflows of the universities, which requires ontology based knowledge management to manage the files and documents of various departments and sections of a university.
In Semantic Web, Ontology describes the concepts, relationships among the concepts and properties within their domain. It provides automatic inferring and interoperability between applications which is an appropriate vision for knowledge management. In this paper we discussed, how Semantic Web technology can be utilized in higher educational institution for knowledge representation of various resources and handling the task of administrative processes. This requires exploitation of knowledge of various resources such as department, school, section, file and employee etc. of the University by aSPOCMS which is built as an agent-based system using the ontology for communication between agent, user and for knowledge representation and management.

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