Allen R. Mushi

Work place: Department of Mathematics, University of Dar es salaam, Box 35062, DSM, Tanzania



Research Interests: Combinatorial Optimization


Allen Rangia Mushi: An Associate Professor of Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics of the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. His area of interest is Operations Research specifically the Combinatorial Optimization Problems. Major research work includes Timetabling, Linear Ordering, Resource Leveling in manufacturing industries, Municipal Solid Waste Disposal models and Graph Theory.

Author Articles
Great Deluge Algorithm for the Linear Ordering Problem: The Case of Tanzanian Input-Output Table

By Amos Mathias Allen R. Mushi

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2015

Given a weighted complete digraph, the Linear Ordering Problem (LOP) consists of finding and acyclic tournament with maximum weight. It is sometimes referred to as triangulation problem or permutation problem depending on the context of its application. This study introduces an algorithm for LOP and applied for triangulation of Tanzanian Input-Output tables. The algorithm development process uses Great Deluge heuristic method. It is implemented using C++ programming language and tested on a personal computer with 2.40GHZ speed processor. The algorithm has been able to triangulate the Tanzanian input-output tables of size 79×79 within a reasonable time (1.17 seconds). It has been able to order the corresponding economic sectors in the linear order, with upper triangle weight increased from 585,481 to 839,842 giving the degree of linearity of 94.3%.

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