Shihomi Kasuya

Work place: Sasaki Green Tea Company, Japan



Research Interests:


Shihomi Kasuya received BS and MS degrees from Shizuoka University in 2011, 2013, respectively. She is now Researcher of Sasaki Green Tea Company since 2013.

Author Articles
Appropriate Tealeaf Harvest Timing Determination Based on NIR Images

By Kohei Arai Yoshihiko Sasaki Shihomi Kasuya Hideto Matusura

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2015

Method for most appropriate tealeaves harvest timing with Near Infrared (NIR) camera images is proposed. In the proposed method, NIR camera images of tealeaves are used for estimation of nitrogen content in tealeaves. The nitrogen content is highly correlated to Theanine (amid acid) content in tealeaves. Theanine rich tealeaves taste good. Therefore, tealeaves quality can be estimated with NIR camera images. Also, leaf area of tealeaves is highly correlated to NIR reflectance of tealeaf surface. Therefore, not only tealeaf quality but also harvest mount can be estimated with NIR camera images. Experimental results shows the proposed method does work for estimation of appropriate tealeaves harvest timing with NIR camera images.

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