Suvarna Kumar G

Work place: Department of Computer Science & Engineering, MVGR College of Engineering, India



Research Interests: Computer Architecture and Organization, Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Data Structures and Algorithms


Dr.Suvarna Kumar G is currently working as the Associate Professor in CSE Department of MVGR College of Engineering. His Research area is Speech and video processing.

He published 14 international journals and attended 4 conferences in Singapore. He has 12 years teaching experience, 2 years R &D and 1 year industrial experience. He is a member of IEEE, CSI,ACM, National Science Congress, IAENG and IACSIT.

Author Articles
A Mono Master Shrug Matching Algorithm for Examination Surveillance

By Sandhya Devi G Prasad Reddy P V G D Suvarna Kumar G Vijay Chaitanya B

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2014

This paper proposes an unusual slant for Shrug recognition from Gesticulation Penetrated Images (GPI) based on template matching. Shrugs can be characterized with image templates which are used to compare and match shrugs. The proposed technique makes use of a single template to identify match in the candidates and hence entitled as mono master shrug matching. It does not necessitate erstwhile acquaintance of movements, motion estimation or tracking. The proposed technique brands a unique slant to isolate various shrugs from a given video. Additionally, this method is based on the reckoning of feature invariance to photometric and geometric variations from a given video for the rendering of the shrugs in a lexicon. This descriptor extraction method includes the standard deviation of the gesticulation penetrated images of a shrug. The comparison is based on individual and rational actions with exact definitions varying widely uses histogram based tracker which computes the deviation of the candidate shrugs from the template shrug. Far-reaching investigation is done on a very intricate and diversified dataset to establish the efficacy of retaining the anticipated method.

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