Bahareh Bahadorani

Work place: Department of Computer Engineering, Isfahan (Khorasgan) branch, Isfahan, Azad University, Isfahan, IRAN



Research Interests: Software Development Process, Computer Architecture and Organization, Data Structures and Algorithms


Bahadorani Bahareh: Master degree of software engineering in Azad  University of Isfahan, interested in, Semantic Web, Temporal Modeling and Software Development.

Author Articles
Comparison of Time Concept Modeling for Querying Temporal Information in OWL and RDF

By Bahareh Bahadorani Ahmad Zaeri

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jul. 2017

Ontology is an important factor in the integration of heterogeneous semantic information. Description logic, as a formal language for expressing ontologies, does not include the necessary features to create a temporal dimension in the relationships among concepts. It is critical to introduce time concepts to model temporal data and relate them to other non-temporal data recorded in ontology. Current query languages in the semantic web are not able to respond to temporal questions; thus, another important issue is to have the appropriate methods for answering temporal questions. In this paper, temporal modeling methods in OWL and RDF are assessed and the temporal query languages for expressing queries in the semantic web are categorized and compared.

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