Birgul Kutlu

Work place: Management Information Systems, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey



Research Interests: Software Development Process, Computer systems and computational processes, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Data Structures and Algorithms, Algorithm Design


Birgul Kutlu is a Full Professor and Chair of Management Information Systems Department of Bogazici University, Turkey. She teaches several Information Systems and Programming courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. Her primary research interests include e-learning, distance education, virtual environments, information systems analysis, design and development, neural networks and artificial intelligence.

She has coordinated many B.U. Research Foundation projects as well as European Union and Unesco projects. Dr. Kutlu is the founding member of B.U. Information Systems Research Center, B.U. Tourism Management Research Center and Turkish Informatics Foundation.

Author Articles
Current State and Future Trends in Location Recommender Systems

By Aysun Bozanta Birgul Kutlu

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2017

Technological developments in mobile devices enabled the utilization of geographical data for social networks. Accordingly, location-based social networks have become very attractive. The popularity of location-based social networks has prompted researchers to study recommendation systems for location-based services. There are many studies that develop location recommendation systems using various variables and algorithms. However, articles detailing past and present studies, and making future suggestions, are limited. Therefore, this study aims to thoroughly review the research performed on location recommender systems. For this purpose, topic pairs; "location and recommender system" and "location and recommendation system" were searched in the Web of Knowledge database. Resulting articles were examined in detail with respect to data sources and variables, algorithms, and evaluation techniques used. Thus, the current state of location recommender systems research is summarized and future recommendations are provided for researchers and developers. It is expected that the issues presented in this paper will advance the discussion of next generation location recommendation systems.

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