Ahmad Rizal

Work place: Faculty of Design and Architecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia

E-mail: rizalrahman@upm.edu.my


Research Interests: Software Development Process, Software Engineering, Computer systems and computational processes, Systems Architecture


Ahmad Rizal Abd Rahman, Ph D. obtained his BDes. Industrial Design from ITM. He obtained his Msc. Industrial Design Eng., from Brunel Univ., West London, UK and PhD from Sheffield Hallam University, UK in Practice Led Design Research. Currently he is a Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Design and Architecture, UPM. His research interests are Design Research and Localization.

Author Articles
A Concave Hull Based Algorithm for Object Shape Reconstruction

By Zahrah Yahya Rahmita W Rahmat Fatimah Khalid Amir Rizaan Ahmad Rizal

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijitcs.2017.03.01, Pub. Date: 8 Mar. 2017

Hull algorithms are the most efficient and closest methods to be redesigned for connecting vertices for geometric shape reconstruction. The vertices are the input points representing the original object shape. Our objective is to reconstruct the shape and edges but with no information on any pattern, it is challenging to reconstruct the lines to resemble the original shape. By comparing our results to recent concave hull based algorithms, two performance measures were conducted to evaluate the accuracy and time complexity of the proposed method. Besides achieving the most acceptable accuracy which is 100%, the time complexity of the proposed algorithm is evaluated to be O(wn). All results have shown a competitive and more effective algorithm compared to the most efficient similar ones. The algorithm is shown to be able to solve the problems of vertices connection in an efficient way by devising a new approach.

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