Hua Jiang

Work place: Department of Information Management, Hebei University of Engineering, HanDan, China



Research Interests: Decision Support System


Hua Jiang, born in 1979-1-9,handan Hebei Province, China. In March, 2006, graduated from Hebei University of Engineering and obtained postgraduate qualifications. Main research fields: network security, information management, supply chain management.

Author Articles
A Data-Fusion-Based Method for Intrusion Detection System in Networks

By Xiaofeng Zhao Hua Jiang LiYan Jiao

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2009

Hackers’ attacks are more and more intelligent, which makes it hard for single intrusion detection methods to attain favorable detection result. Therefore, many researches have carried out how to combine multiple security measures to provide the network system more effective protection. However, so far none of those methods can achieve the requirement of the practical application. A new computer information security protection system based on data fusion theory is proposed in this paper. Multiple detection measures are “fused” in this system, so that it has lower false negatives rate and false positive rate as well as better scalabilities and robust.

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