Guo Xiaolong

Work place: School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, P.R.China



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Xiaolong Guo was born in Weifang China on 25  February, 1986, is a Ph.D candidate of the School of  Management at the University of Science and  Technology of China (USTC, Hefei, China) now, and got  his bachelor’s degree in Management from Northeastern  University (NEU, Shenyang, China) in 2008. His  research interests are supply chain management and  tourism management.  He has published two papers in the past 3 years, one  on the 2009 International Conference on Computational  Intelligence and Software Engineering and the other is on  Journal of China Tourism Research.  Mr. Guo is a peer reviewer of European Journal of  Operational Research (EJOR). 

Author Articles
Who is the Free Rider in the Drop-Shipping Supply Chain?

By Li Feng Tu Yijian Guo Xiaolong

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2011

In Drop-shipping supply chain, retailers get the customer orders and manufacturers carry out the orders. Are there any free riders while obtaining the customer order? If any, who could be the free riders? By comparing the decentralized and centralized decision making, we find that both manufacturers and retailers are possible to behave as free riders. Also, we study the contract designs to coordinate manufacturers and retailers in Drop-shipping supply chain, and we find that a combination of quantity discount and delivery reliability compensation mechanism as to guarantee manufacturers a safe delivery can achieve the bi-direction excitation, and finally the coordination of the supply chain.

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