Salah Alkhafaji

Work place: IST Department, Sur University College, PO: 440, PC: 411, Sur, Sultanate of Oman



Research Interests: Computer systems and computational processes, Systems Architecture, Information Systems, Information Retrieval, Information Storage Systems, Multimedia Information System, Algorithmic Information Theory


Dr. Salah Alkhafaji – Associate Professor Dr. Salah Alkafaji, working for Sur University holds Bachelor degree in Computer Control Engineering from the University of Technology (Iraq) 1984, Master degree in Computer Engineering from London College-Kensington University College (UK) 1999, and Ph.D degree in Management Information Systems from London College-Kensington University College (UK) 2003. Dr. Alkhafaji held several academic and administration positions: Computer Control and Systems Senior Engineer for (8) years in the Military Industries Corporations (Iraq), IT manager for more than (6) years in the Military Industries Corporations (Iraq), He worked as Assistant Dean for Students' Affairs and Administrative Affairs - SUC since (August 2008), chair person of Information and technology department - SUC for more than (3) years, and More than 20 years of teaching experience in several universities. He is a member in different professional societies: Iraqi Engineering Association (IEA), Iraqi Engineering Union (IEU), and Iraqi Computer Association (ICA). Dr. Alkhafaji presented more than (14) papers in conferences and seminars, Published (8) research papers, (2) handbooks, and (3) articles in journals, and He developed a software system for educational hypermedia

Author Articles
Instructor’s Performance: A Proposed Model for Online Evaluation

By Salah Alkhafaji B. Sriram

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2013

Currently due to high awareness and quality audits, the higher education institutions have made to keep a track on various performances of the institutions. One such most important activity that has to be analyzed and evaluated is Instructor’s classroom performance. As the students are the main stakeholders of the educational process, their concerns over the instructor, teaching pedagogies and methodologies, assessment techniques need to be collected and analyzed for achieving the institution’s goals and objectives. The students shall give their opinions related to the various performance indicators of instructor.In general, the higher education institutions use various techniques to evaluate instructor’s performance in the classroom from the students. The latest technological developments help in data collection using web technologies. Online system with required questionnaire and attributes will help the higher education institutions in easy data collection. Apart from that the students shall give their opinions without any fear from any place and at any time. In this paper, we have identified the major factors and users of an instructor online evaluation system. Also, we have proposed a model for such system with subsystem interface, entity relationship diagram and context diagram.

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Conceptualization and Integration of Information Systems in Educational Business Activities

By Salah Alkhafaji B. Sriram

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Aug. 2013

The business activities are highly incorporated with the technology development and need to be updated periodically. Business activities have made the technology to be more creative and innovative. The organizations need to integrate their business activities into a single system to achieve their aims and objectives successfully. Various studies are already conducted in integrating such business activities as Business Process Management System. In particular, various management systems are available in the market to integrate the educational business processes. The educational business processes are changing due to the various international bench markings. The educational business processes perspectives could not be met exactly to the requirements in some of the available software. As the currently available systems suits to some of the educational institutions in particular region of the world, there are needs to review them to the current requirements. This paper identifies the gaps between the current potential educational requirements and availability of educational business processes management systems. The major impact factors of the educational processes are identified and based on the findings a model has been proposed.

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