Work place: Department of Electronics, Faculty of Sciences of engineers, Laboratory for the study and research in instrumentation and communication Annaba, University Badji Mokhtar, Annaba, Algeria



Research Interests: Analysis of Algorithms, Image and Sound Processing, Computer systems and computational processes


Mohamed BOUGHAZI received the Magister in electronics from Badji Mokhtar University, Annaba, Algeria, in 1992, and his PhD. degree in electronics from the University of Badji Mokhtar Annaba, Algeria, in 2006. In 1983, he joined the University of Annaba where he worked as a Professor in the Electronics Department as a member of the “Laboratory of study and research in instrumentation and communication of Annaba”. His main research interests are Analysis and multidimensional signal processing is moving in the field of imaging and fingerprint.

Author Articles
Segmentation of Abnormal Blood Cells for Biomedical Diagnostic Aid

By Abdellatif BOUZID-DAHO Mohamed BOUGHAZI

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jan. 2018

The aim of our work is to obtain a maximum rate of recognition of abnormal (cancerous) blood cells. We propose the development of a system based on k-means methods, after an RGB channel decomposition by applying the algorithm which can segment our microscopic medical images. It turns out that the proposed system shows better segmentation and classification for the identification and detection of leukemia. The experimental results obtained are very encouraging, which helps hematologists to monitor the evolution of cancerous blood cells and make a good diagnosis.

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