Krishn Kumar Gupt

Work place: Institute of Informatics and Communication, University of Delhi, Delhi, India



Research Interests: Computer Networks, Network Architecture, Network Security


Krishn Kumar Gupt, obtained his BSc (Hons) in Electronics from University of Delhi in 2017. He is currently doing MSc in Informatics from University of Delhi. He was a Summer Research Fellow under Indian Academy Sciences, ‎Bangalore. His area of interest is signal processing and wireless communication. He has previously done research work on topics which are related to these fields. He has published papers in international journals on wireless communication and radio transmission.

Author Articles
A Novel Interactive Communication System Realization through Smart Low Noise Block Downconverter

By Krishn Kumar Gupt

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jul. 2018

An interactive communication is the basic motivation behind a smart communication system, which requires simultaneous downlink and uplink feature. Smart LNB is a popular discussion which is leading towards Know Your DTH (KY-DTH). A low noise block-downconverter (LNB) is the signal receiving device used for satellite TV reception mounted on the satellite dishes. For broadcasters, this smart LNB opens the door to operate their own linear TV ecosystem and other services connected directly by satellite. This new generation Smart LNB comprises of both transmitter and receiver to provide interactive TV experiences and M2M services, unlike LNB. Having uplink and downlink capability, it enables full duplex communication leading various additional applications like live interactions; live viewing; TV servicing for 24 hours; solutions for remote monitoring; control in mission critical applications in the energy and utility sectors; natural gas monitoring; Smart grid; etc. DVB-S2 source and sink are analyzed using Agilent SystemVue platform. This paper describes the study and design of a smart low noise block downconverter (LNB) used for satellite communication, transmission in Ka band (29.5 to 30 GHz) and reception in Ku band (10.7 to 12.75 GHz). The LNB design is compromised importance characteristics like Spectrum comparison. The proposed design will result in enhancement of working lifetime of the Smart LNB system with capability to receive all signals within the range. The designed and simulated process were done using Agilent SystemVue. A summary of simulation work and result over the Smart LNB in Ka and Ku band is illustrated.

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