Alovsat G. Aliyev

Work place: Institute of Information Technology of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Baku, AZ1141, Azerbaijan



Research Interests: Information Security, Information Systems, Information Retrieval, Multimedia Information System, Social Information Systems


Ph.D. in economics, ass. professor Alovsat G. Aliyev (born January 8, 1956). Head of department of the Institute of Information Technology of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. He has a total number of 80 scientific articles and 5 books. Alovsat Aliyev continues to conduct scientific-research works and deals with issues such as characteristics of ICT application in economical processes and management authorities, information problems in social-economical systems, scientific-theoretical basics of formation of information society, information economy, determination of demonstrative systems in ICT field, research of reasons of establishment of digital differences in the society, study economical basics, problems of informatization of humanitarian fields, humanitarian aspects of ICT.

Areas of interest: innovative, information and knowledge economy, technopark, green economy, computers and information science, econometrics, inclusive development.

Author Articles
Development of a Conceptual Model of Effective Management of Innovative Enterprises based on Digital Twin Technologies

By Alovsat G. Aliyev Roza Ordukhan Shahverdiyeva

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Aug. 2023

The article is devoted to the development and implementation of the conceptual model of effective management of innovative enterprises based on digital twin technologies. As a result of digital transformation, the relevance of creating a digital twin of the innovative enterprise and the products/services produced there is justified. The necessity of developing the high technologies sector and the complex application of their results in relevant areas was noted. The features of the application of Industrial 4.0 platform components in the effective management processes of innovative enterprises have been studied. Organizational and technological issues of effective management of the activities of innovative enterprises were analyzed. In order to digitalize the economy on an innovative basis, directions for improving the ICT infrastructure have been proposed. The characteristics of science and technology-intensive product production in realizing and increasing the innovation potential of enterprises have been investigated. The state of the global market for the production and use of high-tech products has been analyzed. The ranking of some world countries according to the Global Innovation Index is given. Many issues related to the innovative digital development of industrial-economic systems have been revealed. A perspective conceptual development model of industrial-economic systems based on innovative digitization processes has been proposed. The stages of formation of technical and technological paradigms of development of industrial-economic systems are given. The economic-technological features of digital twin technologies in the conditions of digital transformation have been explained. The application areas and features of the digital twin technology in increasing the efficiency of the innovative activity of the enterprise were studied. The results that can be created by the application of digital twin technology in innovative industrial-economic systems have been brought to attention. A SWOT analysis of the process of using digital twins in the management of innovative industrial-economic systems was carried out. The impact of digital twin technology development on sustainable innovation processes has been investigated. The creation of digital twins for the organization and management of the activity of the innovative industrial-production enterprise and the expanded architectural system of its concept were proposed. Information about the structural subsystems of the conceptual model of innovative enterprises based on digital transformation was provided. As a result of extensive scientific analyzes and researches, a number of proposals and recommendations were developed on the effective application of digital twin technologies in the economic sphere and processes.

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Development of Models of Manufacturing Processes of Innovative Products at Different Levels of Management

By Alovsat G. Aliyev

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 May 2019

The article presents the science, technologies and innovations as foundations of modern economic development. The purpose of establishing complex-structured innovation structure and their functions are analyzed. An effective organizational-economic structural model is proposed for the management of their performance. Production functions, allowing central management institution to use the resources effectively and enterprises within the institution to operate with the whole production strength, are developed. Parameters that cannot be assessed directly as innovation, innovation capacity, science capacity and environmental availability are included in the modeling process. Hierarchic models are developed corresponding to the problems posed to each structure. Among models with various levels, a conceptual algorithm is developed for the purpose of finding a coordinated solution on product/service output based on the efficient utilization of scarce resources. Some suggestions have been given on the basis of modeling the activity of innovative enterprises of different levels with complex structure on its perspective development directions.

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