Manoj Duhan

Work place: DCRUST Murthal/ECE, Sonipat, 131039, India



Research Interests: Combinatorial Optimization


Prof. Manoj Duhan is working as a Professor in the department of Electronics & Communication of DCRUST Murthal, Haryana. His research interests include Semiconductor Devices, Communication Systems, DSP, Reliability and Optimization Techniques.

He has published 46 papers in International Journals, 13 papers in National Journals, 15 papers in International Conferences and 35 papers in National Conferences.

Dr. Duhan has received Best Lecturer Award from Governor of Haryana in 1998.

Author Articles
Comparative Analysis of Bayes Net Classifier, Naive Bayes Classifier and Combination of both Classifiers using WEKA

By Abhilasha Nakra Manoj Duhan

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Mar. 2019

Authors here tried to use the WEKA tool to evaluate the performance of various classifiers on a dataset to come out with the optimum classifier, for a particular application. A Classifier is an important part of any machine learning application. It is required to classify various classes and get to know whether the predicted class lies in the true class. There are various performance analysis measures to judge the efficiency of a classifier and there are many tools which provide oodles of classifiers. In the present investigation, Bayes Net, Naive Bayes and their combination have been implemented using WEKA. It has been concluded that the combination of Bayes Net and Naive Bayes provides the maximum classification efficiency out of these three classifiers. Such a hybridization approach will always motivate for combining different classifiers to get the best results.

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