Osama Hosam

Work place: The Collage of Computer Science and Engineering in Yanbu, Taibah University Saudi Arabia. As with SRTA-City, Alexandria, Egypt

E-mail: mohandesosama@yahoo.com


Research Interests: Computer systems and computational processes, Pattern Recognition, Computer Architecture and Organization, Information Security, Information Systems, Multimedia Information System


Osama Hosam: Is a research associate in SRTA-City, Alexandria, Egypt. In 2007 he received his MSc. in computer systems and engineering from Azhar University, He pursued his PhD study in Hunan University, China and worked in parallel in Nanjing University of Technology; in 2011 he received his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering. In 2013 he worked as an Assistant Professor in at the Collage of Computer Science and Engineering in Yanbu. In 2017 he is promoted to be an Associate Professor in the field of Computer and Information Security, Taibah University. His research interests include, Computer Graphics, 3D Watermarking, Stereo Vision, Pattern Recognition and Information security.

Author Articles
Attacking Image Watermarking and Steganography - A Survey

By Osama Hosam

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijitcs.2019.03.03, Pub. Date: 8 Mar. 2019

Image hiding techniques include steganography and watermarking. Steganography procedures are directed to keep the secure information from eavesdropping and perturbations. On the other hand, watermarking algorithms are used for keeping the watermark robust to attacks. When the attacker tries to perturb the carrier image to remove the watermark, the image quality will be degraded to level that makes it useless. Data hiding is essential in many applications such as communication channel security, data security and forgery detection. Watermarking is used in copyright protection. Image hiding attacks can be active or passive. In active attack, the attacker changes the content of the data. While in passive attacks the attacker tries to guess the secure data by eavesdropping. In this paper, we discuss the image data hiding attacks that directed to both secure message and carrier image. First, message attacks such as Oracle and Template attacks will be discussed. Second, the carrier image attacks are presented in two broad categories, namely passive and active attacks. Finally, the paper conclusion will be presented. The paper presented image data hiding attack types in professional and well-organized categories.

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