Aulia Khoirunnita

Work place: STMIK Widya Cipa Dharma, Samarinda, Indonesia



Research Interests: Multimedia Information System, Information Storage Systems, Information Systems, Computer systems and computational processes


Aulia Khoirunnita, S.Kom, M. Kom, born in Samarinda on August 17, 1993. S1 higher education at STMIK Widya Cipta Dharma (2015). While the Master's Computer from Amikom University (2022), Specialized in Information System and Audit System.

Author Articles
Development E-commerce Information System of Agriculture in Samarinda

By Asep Nurhuda Aulia Khoirunnita Arika Rusli Dimas K. Umami Sri Handayani

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2022

Samarinda village is a village that is predominantly working as a farmer and has a wide range of agricultural products, in addition to the abundance of agricultural products there is a problem of marketing of agricultural products that do not have access to sell their agricultural products. Authors conducted research in order to increase sales and expand marketing in the Village Samarinda through sales system-based Business to the Business and method development using the Research and Development. The results obtained in the form of a web site that can be accessed to serve online sales transaction so that it can increase sales in the village Samarinda.

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Development Web-GIS of Commodity Information System for Agriculture, Establishment and Forestry in Marangkayu District

By Adelia Juli Kardika Aulia Khoirunnita Salman Saharuddin Indah Muliana

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2022

Agriculture, Plantation and Forestry Commodities are the main sectors supporting household daily needs and people's income for improving the economy. District of Marangkayu is located in Kutai Kartanegara area, East Kalimantan Province, where geographical condition consists of the terrain of hilly steeps surrounding the lake of Kutai Kartanegara. The geographical contours make the sector of agriculture, plantation and forestry the people's primary choice to meet the needs of household as well as increase the standard of economy of the people. In order to maintain the stability of price and production of agricultural commodities, Commodity Information System is required to provide information of the location, coordinate of positions, area of production, as well as presenting information of prices, price fluctuations and changes, along with a display of information over the accumulation of agricultural commodity production of the Kutai Kartanegara area, with additional features of appropriate distribution and production thereof. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the Web-Based Geographic Information System (GIS) for Agricultural Commodity, Plantation and Forestry of Marangkayu Area. GIS application is built using the Rapid Application Development (RAD) method, which consists of the phase of Requirements planning, User design phase, Construction phase and Cut-over phase. Database for the implementation uses PostgreSQL and PostGIS extensions. Programming language uses PHP, JavaScript, and HTML. The interface implementation is built using Bootstrap. The testing of the application uses the Black box testing method. The results of the test show that the Web-Based GIS Application has met the needs of the requirement system and the problems.

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