Alanoud Alotaibi

Work place: Department of Information Systems, Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



Research Interests: Computer systems and computational processes, Computer Architecture and Organization, Systems Architecture, Information Systems, Database Management System, Data Structures and Algorithms


Alanoud Alotaibi is a lecturer of Information Systems at the College of Computer and Information Sciences. She is a PhD student in the information systems department at King Abdulaziz University. She obtained her Master's degree in Information Systems from Imam Muhammad bin Saud University and her Bachelor also in Information Systems. Alanoud has published research papers in different Journals. She has been a member of the Academic Advising Committee in the information systems department for more than 8 years. She participated and worked with different committees in the department. Her interests: in decision-making technologies, information systems and object-oriented, database management, and machine learning.

Author Articles
A Review of Applications of Linear Programming to Optimize Agricultural Solutions

By Alanoud Alotaibi Farrukh Nadeem

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Apr. 2021

Quantitative methods help farmers plan and make decisions. An apt example of these methods is the linear programming (LP) model. These methods acknowledge the importance of economizing on available resources among them being water supply, labor, and fertilizers. It is through this economizing that farmers maximize their profit. The significance of linear programming is to provide a solution to the existing real-world problems through the evaluation of existing resources and the provision of relevant solutions. This research studies various LP applications including feed mix, crop pattern and rotation plan, irrigation water, and product transformation; that have the main role to enhance various facets of the agriculture sector. The paper will be a review that will probe into the applications of the LP model and it will also highlight the various tools that are central to analyzing LP model results. The review will culminate in a discussion on the different approaches that help optimize agricultural solutions.

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