Chandrashekhar G.Patil

Work place: Sinhgad Academy of Engineering, Pune India



Research Interests: Image Processing, Image Manipulation, Image Compression, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision


Chandrashekhar G. Patil received his Bachelors and Masters degree in Electronics Engineering from Shivaji University Kolhapur, Maharashtra India At present he is pursuing his Doctoral research work from Government College of Engineering, Amravati, India. His Research Interest includes machine vision, image processing, signal processing and pattern recognition.

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Optimum Features selection by fusion using Genetic Algorithm in CBIR

By Chandrashekhar G.Patil Mahesh.T.Kolte Prashant N.Chatur Devendra S. Chaudhari

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2014

The evaluation of the performance of the Content Based Image Retrieval is undertaken for the consideration in this paper. Here the point of the discussion is the performance of the CBIR system using object oriented image segmentation and the evolutionary computational technique. The visual characteristics of the objects such as color, intensity and texture are extracted by the conventional methods. Object oriented image segmentation along with the evolutionary computational technique is proposed here for Image Retrieval Algorithm. Unsupervised Curve evolution method is used for object oriented segmentation of the Image and genetic Algorithm is used for the Optimum Classification and reduction in the Feature dimensionality. The Algorithm is tested on the images which are characterized by the low depth. The Berkeley database is found to be suitable for this purpose. The experimental result shows that the Genetic Algorithm enhances the performance of this Content Based Image Retrieval and found to be suitable for optimization of features selection and compression technique for Feature space.

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