Archana Rajurkar

Work place: omputer Engineering MGM, Nanded, India



Research Interests: Image Processing, Image Manipulation, Image Compression, Computer Graphics and Visualization, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Computer systems and computational processes


Dr Archana M Rajurkar received degree of BE (Computer engineering) and ME (Instrumentation) from Marathwada university Aurangabad and Ph.D (Computer science and Engineering) from IIT Roorkee, India. Currently she is working as Professor and Head in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, M.G.M.’ College of Engineering, Nanded, India. Her research interests include Content-Based Image and Video Retrieval, Multimedia and Image Databases, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.

Author Articles
Robust Dual Watermarking Scheme for Video Derived from Strategy Fusion

By Neeta Deshpande Archana Rajurkar R.R.Mathalkar

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Apr. 2014

Current paper proposes a novel robust dual watermarking scheme that entrench a decipherable sample in the spatial domain and an invisible watermark in frequency domain of a color video. Visible watermark facilitate in the protection of publicly accessible data thus providing an imperative contribution for avoiding illegal duplication of data. The adaptive visible watermarking algorithm exploits various histogram features and not only embeds a visible watermark in the spatial domain but also facilitates its extraction and removal thus endowing with the facet of reconstruction of the video. For enhancing the robustness of the scheme and increasing the degree of protection of the watermark, invisible watermark is scrambled in parts and embedded in various frames of the video in DCT domain. These dual watermarks are embedded in host video. The robustness of the scheme is verified with various signal processing attacks, geometric attacks and video watermarking attacks like frame averaging. Reconstruction of the video helps the authorized subscribers to refurbish the original video.

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VisiMark1_0: An Assistance Tool for Evaluating Robustness of Video Watermarking Algorithms

By Neeta Deshpande Mahesh Sanghavi Archana Rajurkar Ramchandra Manthalkar

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Apr. 2013

The paper proposes a tool, VisiMark1_0, as assistance for evaluating the robustness of video watermarking algorithms as evaluation of a video watermarking algorithm for robustness with available tools is a tedious task. It is our belief that for researchers of robust video watermarking, a tool needs to be designed that will assist in the evaluation procedure irrespective of the design algorithm.
This tool provides a test bed of various attacks. The input to this tool will be a watermarked video whereas the outputs will be attacked videos, evaluated parameters PSNR, MSE, MSAD and DELTA, graphical comparisons of the attacked and watermarked videos with all parameters needed by researchers, and the attacks report. Provision for comparison of any two videos is an additional facility provided in the tool.
The attacks implemented in VisiMark1_0 are categorized mainly in three. Firstly, Video attacks: Frame dropping, Frame averaging, Frame swapping, Changing the sequence of the scenes, Changing Frame rate, Fade and dissolve, Contrast stretching, Motion blurring, Chroma sampling, Inter frame averaging are some of the novel offerings in video frame attacks category. Secondly, Geometrical attacks: Apart from the traditional Rotation, Scaling and Cropping attacks for images, VisiMark1_0 contributed towards Sharpening, Shearing, Flipping, Up/down sampling and Dithering attacks for a video and signal processing attacks like Conventional Noising, Denoising and Filtering attacks for images are incorporated for video along with Pixel removal attack as a novel contribution. VisiMark1_0 is an endeavor to design a tool for evaluating a raw video (an .avi file currently) incorporating various attacks having a prospect for numerous video formats in near future.

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