Mohan Kumar H P

Work place: Dept of MCA, PES College of Engineering, Mandya, Karnataka, India-571401



Research Interests: Computer Vision


Mohan Kumar H P obtained MCA and M.Sc Tech by research from University of Mysore, India in 1998 and 2009 respectively. He is working as Assistant professor in department of MCA, PES College of Engineering, Mandya, Karnataka, India. He is currently working towards his Ph.D degree in the area of computer vision at University of Mysore.

Author Articles
Change Energy Image for Gait Recognition: An Approach Based on Symbolic Representation

By Mohan Kumar H P Nagendraswamy H. S.

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Mar. 2014

Gait can be identified by observing static and dynamic parts of human body. In this paper a variant of gait energy image called change energy images (CEI) are generated to capture detailed static and dynamic information of human gait. Radon transform is applied to CEI in four different directions (vertical, horizontal and two opposite cross sections) considering four different angles to compute discriminative feature values. The extracted features are represented in the form of interval –valued type symbolic data. The proposed method is capable of recognizing an individual when he/she have variations in their gait due to different clothes they wear, in different normal conditions and carrying a bag. A similarity measure suitable for the proposed gait representation is explored for the purpose of establishing similarity match for gait recognition. Experiments are conducted on CASIA database B and the results have shown better recognition performance compared to some of the existing methods.

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