Alireza Iraji

Work place: Department of Engineering, Damavand Branch, Islamic Azad University ,Science and Research Branch, Damavand ,Iran



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Age Estimation Based on CLM, Tree Mixture With Adaptive Neuron Fuzzy, Fuzzy Svm

By Mohammad Saber Iraji Mohammad Bagher Iraji Alireza Iraji Razieh Iraji

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2014

As you know, age diagnosis based on the image is one of the most attractive topics in computer .In this paper, we present a intelligent model to estimate the age of face image. We use shape and texture feature extraction from FG-NET landmark image data set using AAM(Active Appearance Model), CLM (Constrained Local Model), tree Mixture algorithms. Finally, the obtained features were given as the training data to the ANFIS (adaptive neuro fuzzy influence system), FSVM (Fuzzy Support Vector Machine). Our experimental results show that In our proposed system, fuzzy svm has less errors and system worked more accurate and appropriative than prior methods. Our system is able to identify age of face image from different directions as is.

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