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Research Interests: Engineering


Chonghua Zhou (1977-), male, was born in Hengyang, Hunan Province, China, in April 1977. He received the Master’s degree in Traffic Information Engineering and Control from Tongji University in 2005.

From 2005 to now, he works in Thi Shanghai Consultants INC. And he has published near 20 first-author technical papers and takes part in about 30 projects such as Research on Informationization and Intelligentization Planning and Key Technologies for ShangHai Road Network, Research on Vehicle Position System (VPS) in Development Countries and Regions, Research on Planning, Design and Building for Jinan BRT etc.

His personal research domain and interests are Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Transit Planning and Traffic Control, etc. His previous publications include: A Real-Time Information System for BRT Based on GPS/Signpost Compound Navigation technology (Wuhan, Proceedings of the LEITS2010, 2010), Modeling ETC lane Deployment Based on Queuing Theory and Incremental-Benefit-Cost Ratio Maximum (Beijing, JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS ENGINEERING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Vol.9(5), 2009), Next Road Pricing Technologies Studying Based on VPS (Beijing, 4th China Annual Conference on ITS, 2006), BUS FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR BRT BASED ON PLATFORM SCREEN DOORS(Wuhan, Proceedings of the ICTIS 2011, 2011), Interface between Vehicles and Stations for Bus Rapid Transit Systems (Nanjing, Proceedings of the ICCTP 2011, 2011), Research on Traffic Information Service System for Public Travel Based on Smart Phones Application (Shanghai, Traffic & Transportation, 2012(z1), 2012) etc.

Author Articles
Integrated Traffic Information Service System for Public Travel Based on Smart Phones Applications: A Case in China

By Chonghua Zhou Zhiyong Weng Chen Xu Zhizhe Su

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2013

Owing to its outstanding performance and rich features, Smart phones have been the rapid development over the past decade, more and more people love to use its mobile Application to process the day-to-day affairs instead of PC, including the normal call and Short Messaging Service, Personal Information Management, send and receive e-mail, browse Web, multimedia Applications and online shopping. In April 2011, the Taipei people began to use the free smart phone Apps “Good Travel in Taipei” to check the real-time traffic information of Taipei City Department of Transportation and get the best route plans according to your location, the Apps software brings together road, bus, subway, bike, high-speed rail, airport, parking and other traffic information, can be easily, simple and fast delivery to the public. The papers will introduce the case of “Good Travel in Taipei” firstly, then Zhengzhou is as an example in China to illustrate the Application of integrated traffic information service system for public travel based on smart phones, we hope it can provide a reference for the future construction of the similar mobile App of traffic information service system in the other cities for public travel.

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Platform Screen Doors Enhanced Bus Rapid Transit Intelligent Performance

By Chonghua Zhou

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2011

It is the last straw to clutch at to solve the urban traffic issue, to develop high-capacity rapid transit and promote transit priority. Characterized by low cost, short construction cycle and flexible development, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has been favored by more and more cities in the world. The Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) system is an important component at BRT stations, and it is original motive to be designed to satisfy the growing demand from BRT application to provide increased safety and comfort in the first. With the continual increased demand for BRT intelligent performance, the PSDs system is applied to get Bus Location Information with accurate position of arrival and departure at stop, to provide Real-Time Information (RTI) for BRT passengers using PSDs/GPS compound location technology, to put into practice Bus Fleet Management (BFM). Considering the capability of accurate location, it can be applied to actualize Bus Sign Priority in the future. The authors are luck to take in part the practice of BRT system, especially in the BRT intelligent systems, the papers will introduce upwards application and conceive in detail.

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