Shahnaz Tayebi Haghighi

Work place: Industrial Electrical and Electronic Engineering SanatkadeheSabze Pasargad. CO (S.S.P. Co), NO:16, PO.Code 71347-66773, Fourth floor, Dena Apr, Seven Tir Ave, Shiraz, Iran



Research Interests: Data Structures and Algorithms, Process Control System, Computer Architecture and Organization, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer systems and computational processes


Shahnaz Tayebi Haghighi is an electronic researcher of research and development company SSP. Co. In 2004 she is jointed the research and development company, SSP Co, Shiraz, Iran. In addition to 3 textbooks, she is the main author of more than 4 scientific papers in refereed journals. Her main areas of research interests are nonlinear control, artificial control system, robotics and artificial nonlinear control and IC engine modelling and control.

Author Articles
Evaluation Performance of IC Engine: Linear Tunable Gain Computed Torque Controller vs. Sliding Mode Controller

By Shahnaz Tayebi Haghighi Samira Soltani Farzin Piltan Marzieh kamgari Saeed Zare

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 May 2013

Design a nonlinear controller for second order nonlinear uncertain dynamical systems (e.g., internal combustion engine) is one of the most important challenging works. This paper focuses on the comparative study between two important nonlinear controllers namely; computed torque controller (CTC) and sliding mode controller (SMC) and applied to internal combustion (IC) engine in presence of uncertainties. In order to provide high performance nonlinear methodology, sliding mode controller and computed torque controller are selected. Pure SMC and CTC can be used to control of partly known nonlinear dynamic parameters of IC engine. Pure sliding mode controller and computed torque controller have difficulty in handling unstructured model uncertainties. To solve this problem applied linear error-based tuning method to sliding mode controller and computed torque controller for adjusting the sliding surface gain (λ ) and linear inner loop gain (K). Since the sliding surface gain (λ) and linear inner loop gain (K) are adjusted by linear error-based tuning method. In this research new λ and new K are obtained by the previous λ and K multiple gains updating factor(α). The results demonstrate that the error-based linear SMC and CTC are model-based controllers which works well in certain and uncertain system. These controllers have acceptable performance in presence of uncertainty.

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