G. Mallikarjuna Rao

Work place: Control Systems Laboratory, Research Centre Imarat, DRDO, Hyderabad, India

E-mail: mallikarjun.guttikonda@gmail.com


Research Interests: Pattern Recognition, Image Compression, Image Manipulation, Image Processing


G.Mallikarjuna Rao is currently working as scientist in Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Defense Research Development Organisation, India. He has 14 years of experience. His research interests include Target Tracking, Image processing, Pattern recognition and Signal Processing. He guided several M.Tech and B.Tech Projects.

Author Articles
Fast Visual Object Tracking Using Modified kalman and Particle Filtering Algorithms in the Presence of Occlusions

By G. Mallikarjuna Rao Siva Prasad Nandyala Ch. Satyanarayana

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijigsp.2014.10.06, Pub. Date: 8 Sep. 2014

In the present day real time applications of visual object tracking in surveillance, it has become extremely complex, time consuming and tricky to do the tracking when there are occlusions are present for small duration or for longer time and also when it is done in outdoor environments. In these conditions, the target to be tracked can be lost for few seconds and that should be tracked as soon as possible. As from the literature it is observed that particle filter can be able to track the target robustly in different kinds of background conditions, and it’s robust to partial occlusion. However, this tracking cannot recover from large proportion of occlusion and complete occlusion, to avoid this condition, we proposed two new algorithms (modified kalman and modified particle filter) for fast tracking of objects in the presence of occlusions. We considered the complete occlusion of tracking object and the main objective is how fast the system is able to track the object after the occlusion is crossed. From the experimental results, it is observed that the proposed algorithms have shown good improvement in results compared to the traditional methods.

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Object Tracking System Using Approximate Median Filter, Kalman Filter and Dynamic Template Matching

By G. Mallikarjuna Rao Ch.Satyanarayana

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijisa.2014.05.09, Pub. Date: 8 Apr. 2014

In this work, we dealt with the tracking of single object in a sequence of frames either from a live camera or a previously saved video. A moving object is detected frame-by-frame with high accuracy and efficiency using Median approximation technique. As soon as the object has been detected, the same is tracked by kalman filter estimation technique along with a more accurate Template Matching algorithm. The templates are dynamically generated for this purpose. This guarantees any change in object pose which does not be hindered from tracking procedure. The system is capable of handling entry and exit of an object. Such a tracking scheme is cost effective and it can be used as an automated video conferencing system and also has application as a surveillance tool. Several trials of the tracking show that the approach is correct and extremely fast, and it's a more robust performance throughout the experiments.

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