Sherif N. Abbas

Work place: Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt



Research Interests: Computational Engineering, Analysis of Algorithms, Engineering


Mr. Sherif N. Abbas was born in Assiut, Egypt, in 1988. He received the Bachelor degree in Telecommunication and Electronics Engineering (with highest honors) from Assiut University, in 2011. He is currently a demonstrator in the department of Electrical Engineering, Assiut University. His research interests are in biomedical digital signal processing, time and frequency analysis of biomedical signals, authentication systems based on biomedical signals (PCG and EEG) and pattern recognition and classification.

Author Articles
A New EEG Acquisition Protocol for Biometric Identification Using Eye Blinking Signals

By Mohammed Abo-Zahhad Abo-Zeid Sabah M. Ahmed Sherif N. Abbas

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 May 2015

In this paper, a new acquisition protocol is adopted for identifying individuals from electroencephalogram signals based on eye blinking waveforms. For this purpose, a database of 10 subjects is collected using Neurosky Mindwave headset. Then, the eye blinking signal is extracted from brain wave recordings and used for the identification task. The feature extraction stage includes fitting the extracted eye blinks to auto-regressive model. Two algorithms are implemented for auto-regressive modeling namely; Levinson-Durbin and Burg algorithms. Then, discriminant analysis is adopted for classification scheme. Linear and quadratic discriminant functions are tested and compared in this paper. Using Burg algorithm with linear discriminant analysis, the proposed system can identify subjects with best accuracy of 99.8%. The obtained results in this paper confirm that eye blinking waveform carries discriminant information and is therefore appropriate as a basis for person identification methods.

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