Lingda Wu

Work place: The Key Lab, the Academy of Equipment Command & Technology, Beijing 101416, P.R. China



Research Interests: Multimedia Information System, Virtual Reality, Computer Science & Information Technology


Lingda Wu was born in 1962. She is currently a professor    and   Ph.D.    student    supervisor    of National University of Defense Technology and the    Academy    of   Equipment    Command    & Technology. Her research interests are mainly in virtual    reality    technology    and    multimedia information system technology. Prof. Wu is senior member of China Computer Federation, and she is deputy director of Virtual Reality and Visualization Technology  Committee  of  the  China  Computer  Federation, Deputy  Director  of  Multimedia  Technology  Committee  of China Computer Federation, and the expert of the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program) in Information Technology Experts Database.

Author Articles
GPU-Based Volume Rendering for 3D Electromagnetic Environment on Virtual Globe

By Chao Yang Lingda Wu

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2010

Volume rendering is an important and effect algorithm to represent 3D volumetric data and 3D visualization on electromagnetic environment (EME) is one of the most important research fields in 3D battlespace. This paper presents a novel framework on visualizing the 3D EME by direct volume rendering on virtual globe. 3D power volumetric data is calculated based on the Longley-Rice radio propagation model (Irregular Terrain Model, ITM), which takes into account the effects of irregular terrain and atmosphere, and we use GPU-accelerated method to compute the EME volumetric data. The EME data are rendered using direct volume rendering method on virtual globe by assigning different color and opacity depending on user’s interactive input with color picker. We also propose an interactive method to show detailed information of EME at given place. This approach provides excellent decision supporting and plan-aiding for users.

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